Common Mistakes to Steer Clear of When Implementing Lazy Loading in Angular with Webpack and NgRx

Common Mistakes When Using Lazy Loading in Angular with Webpack and NgRx


Common Mistakes to Steer Clear of When Implementing Lazy Loading in Angular with Webpack and NgRx

Lazy loading is an efficient strategy for enhancing Angular applications’ performance. It allows for on-demand module loading, thereby reducing the initial load time. Webpack facilitates the bundling process, and NgRx aids in managing state. However, while integrating these technologies, developers often encounter a few common hurdles. This article sheds light on such pitfalls and provides guidance to avoid them.

1. Failing to Separate Modules Correctly

One common mistake is not correctly separating modules that will be lazy loaded. Ensure that each lazy-loaded module is independent and does not depend on other lazy-loaded modules. Doing so prevents the accidental loading of unnecessary modules.

2. Not Keeping Module Size in Check

Lazy loading optimizes performance by reducing initial bundle size. However, if a lazy-loaded module is too large, it can still cause significant loading delays. Use Webpack’s built-in bundle analysis tools to keep an eye on the size of your modules and strive to keep them as small as possible.

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Common Mistakes to Steer Clear of When Implementing Lazy Loading in Angular with Webpack and NgRx

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3. Misconfiguration of Webpack

Webpack plays a crucial role in bundling your Angular application. Misconfiguring it can lead to issues such as failure to lazy load modules or improper bundling. Always verify your Webpack configuration to ensure that it correctly handles your TypeScript files and outputs the bundle as expected.

4. Ignoring Error Handling

When implementing lazy loading, developers often overlook error handling. If there’s a network issue or if a module fails to load for any reason, the application should be able to handle these errors gracefully. Always add error handling to your loadChildren calls.

5. Mismanagement of NgRx State

NgRx helps manage the global state of Angular applications. But, if not implemented correctly, it can lead to problems. Make sure you define clear actions, reducers, and effects. Avoid overcomplication and ensure the state is managed efficiently. Test thoroughly to ensure that state changes behave as expected.

6. Overuse of Lazy Loading

While lazy loading is beneficial for large applications, using it excessively or unnecessarily can lead to negative performance impacts. Evaluate your application’s needs and only implement lazy loading where it makes sense and can provide real performance benefits.


Lazy loading is a robust optimization strategy for Angular applications. Webpack and NgRx are powerful tools that enhance the capabilities of lazy loading. However, to maximize the potential of these technologies, it’s essential to avoid common pitfalls. Understanding these pitfalls and knowing how to navigate around them is key to building efficient and robust Angular applications.

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