Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI: Bridging the Gap Between Desktop and Mobile


Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI, powered by the advanced ChatGPT GPT-4, continues to push the boundaries of user experience. One of its latest innovations, the “Continue on Phone” feature, promises to make the transition from desktop to mobile as seamless as possible, allowing users to effortlessly pick up their conversations on their mobile devices.

Testing the Waters

Currently undergoing testing with a select group of users, the “Continue on Phone” feature aims to simplify the switch between desktop and mobile searches within Bing Chat. This feature is just a click away, accessible by tapping the “Continue on Phone” button, which conveniently appears when hovering over conversations in Bing Chat.

How It Operates

Once you’ve clicked the “Continue on Phone” button, a QR code is generated. This QR code serves as your gateway to continue the conversation on your mobile app. If you haven’t yet installed the Bing app on your Android or iOS/iPhone device, the QR code will guide you through the download process.

For those who are already equipped with the Bing app, it’s a matter of opening it on your mobile device or using any QR code scanner to scan the code. The aim is for the conversation to resume precisely where you left off on your desktop, providing a real-time and seamless experience.

The Beta Experience

As is often the case with beta features, the “Continue on Phone” functionality may encounter occasional hiccups. In some instances, it may inadvertently redirect users to the Play Store for app installation, even if the app is already installed.

While the concept behind “Continue on Phone” is straightforward, teething issues are par for the course with innovative features. However, Microsoft’s dedication to bridging the gap between desktop and mobile platforms through Bing Chat is crystal clear.


Expanding the Reach

Microsoft’s overarching goal is to make Bing Chat AI accessible across an array of devices, removing limitations that might otherwise affect desktop users. While Bing Chat is already available on Android through the SwiftKey keyboard, Microsoft Edge, and the Bing app, the introduction of “Continue on Phone” extends its reach even further.

This move doesn’t merely streamline user interactions when transitioning between devices; it also underscores the adaptability and flexibility of the Bing Chat AI platform.

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A Sneak Peek at Plugins Support

In addition to “Continue on Phone,” Microsoft is tantalizing users with the prospect of plugin support for Bing AI. This feature promises to empower users by enabling direct access to a wider range of apps and APIs through AI integration. For instance, users can seamlessly explore flight ticket options with the Kayak plugin or discover exciting recipes using the Instacart plugin.

As of now, only five plugins are available, but Microsoft has ambitious plans to release more in the coming weeks, thereby expanding the capabilities of Bing Chat AI even further.

As Microsoft continues to innovate and fine-tune its AI-powered chat capabilities, users can look forward to a more connected and convenient experience across all their devices.

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