How to to Integrate Shopify with Instagram

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, creating a strong online presence is paramount. Integrating platforms like Shopify with social media channels can significantly enhance your reach. This comprehensive guide explores the process of integrating Shopify with Instagram, offering step-by-step instructions, insights, external resources, and addressing frequently asked questions to help businesses boost their online visibility and sales.

Why Integrate Shopify with Instagram?

1. Amplify Product Visibility

Instagram, with its visual-centric nature, provides a powerful platform to showcase products. Integrating Shopify allows businesses to seamlessly share their product catalog directly on Instagram, reaching a broader audience and potential customers.

2. Simplify Shopping Experience

By integrating Shopify with Instagram, businesses enable a streamlined shopping experience. Users can discover products on Instagram and seamlessly transition to the Shopify store for purchasing, reducing friction in the customer journey.

3. Leverage Instagram Shopping Features

Instagram offers shopping features, such as product tags and the Instagram Shop, designed to enhance the shopping experience. Integration with Shopify unlocks these features, allowing businesses to tag products in posts and stories, leading users to the Shopify store for seamless transactions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Shopify and Instagram Integration

1. Ensure Eligibility

Verify that your business and products meet Instagram’s eligibility criteria for shopping. This includes adhering to commerce policies, having a connected Facebook page, and complying with Instagram’s guidelines.

2. Connect Shopify to Facebook

Integrate Shopify with Facebook by connecting your Shopify store to a Facebook Business Page. This connection is crucial as Instagram Shopping is linked to Facebook’s commerce infrastructure.

3. Set Up Instagram Shopping

Activate Instagram Shopping on your connected Facebook Business Page. This involves tagging products in your posts and stories. Instagram will review and approve your shopping account.

4. Add Instagram Sales Channel in Shopify

Within the Shopify admin, add the Instagram sales channel. Connect your Instagram account, and Shopify will sync your product catalog with Instagram, enabling seamless integration.

5. Tag Products on Instagram

Once approved, start tagging your products in Instagram posts and stories. Users can tap on the tags to view product details and proceed to the Shopify store for purchasing.

External Resources and Documentation

  1. Shopify Help Center – Instagram Shopping
  2. Instagram for Business – Shopping

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Instagram Shopping available for all businesses?

A1: Instagram Shopping is available for eligible businesses in supported countries. Ensure your business complies with Instagram’s guidelines for shopping.

Q2: Can I customize the appearance of product tags on Instagram?

A2: Yes, within the Instagram app, you can customize the appearance of product tags by selecting different styles to suit your brand.

Q3: Are there fees associated with using Instagram Shopping on Shopify?

A3: While setting up Instagram Shopping is free, transaction fees may apply based on your Shopify pricing plan. Refer to Shopify’s pricing details for more information.

Q4: Can users complete transactions on Instagram, or do they need to visit the Shopify store?

A4: Product tags on Instagram direct users to the Shopify store for completing transactions. Instagram serves as a discovery platform, and the actual purchase takes place on Shopify.

Q5: How long does it take for Instagram to review and approve the shopping account?

A5: Instagram’s review process typically takes a few days. Once approved, you can start tagging products and leveraging shopping features.


Integrating Shopify with Instagram opens up new avenues for e-commerce businesses to showcase products and enhance the shopping experience. This guide provides a comprehensive roadmap, from eligibility checks to step-by-step integration, empowering businesses to seamlessly connect their Shopify stores with the visual prowess of Instagram.

External resources and FAQs serve as valuable references, offering additional insights and addressing common queries. As businesses embrace the synergy between e-commerce platforms and social media, the integration of Shopify with Instagram stands as a strategic move to elevate online visibility and drive sales.

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