Top Arch Linux Distros in 2023: A Comprehensive Comparison

Top Arch Linux Distros in 2023: A Comprehensive Comparison


As the demand for open-source, highly customizable Linux distributions continues to surge, Arch Linux remains a top choice for advanced users and developers. Arch Linux’s philosophy of simplicity, minimalism, and user-centricity attracts those seeking complete control over their operating system. While Arch Linux itself is an excellent choice, there are several Arch-based distributions, commonly referred to as “Arch Linux Distros,” that offer additional features and pre-configured environments. In this blog post, we will explore the best Arch Linux Distros in 2023, highlighting their unique features and advantages.

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux is undoubtedly one of the most popular Arch Linux-based distributions. It takes the power and flexibility of Arch Linux and adds a user-friendly touch to it. Manjaro provides a user-friendly installer, easy-to-use graphical package manager, and a curated selection of software to ensure a smooth experience for both beginners and seasoned Linux users. Additionally, Manjaro offers multiple desktop environments, including XFCE, KDE, GNOME, and more, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their preferences.


EndeavourOS is another Arch Linux-based distribution that focuses on providing a beginner-friendly experience without compromising the underlying power of Arch. It features a simple graphical installer, which helps users set up their system quickly and easily. EndeavourOS also provides access to the Arch User Repository (AUR), allowing users to access a vast collection of community-maintained packages.


ArcoLinux, previously known as ArchMerge, is designed for users who wish to dive deep into customizing their Arch-based system. It offers three editions – ArcoLinux, ArcoLinuxB (B for Building), and ArcoLinuxD (D for Distro). Each edition caters to different levels of user expertise, with ArcoLinuxB allowing advanced users to create their Arch-based distribution from scratch. It comes with various desktop environments and window managers to cater to different user preferences.

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Artix Linux

Artix Linux is a unique Arch-based distribution that veers away from the traditional systemd init system and adopts runit, s6, or openRC. This choice allows users to have a system with more control over the init process and potentially improved boot times. Artix Linux is well-suited for users who prefer a lightweight and more traditional approach to init systems.


Archcraft is a lightweight and highly optimized Arch Linux distribution designed for speed and efficiency. It comes with a pre-configured Openbox desktop environment and a minimalist set of applications. The aim is to provide users with a lightning-fast Arch Linux experience while maintaining ease of use and simplicity.

Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux sets itself apart with its focus on performance, gaming, and aesthetics. It includes a variety of pre-installed applications and scripts for better system management and performance optimization. Garuda offers several editions with different desktop environments like KDE Plasma, GNOME, and XFCE, catering to users with various preferences.

Manjaro Architect Edition

For users who prefer even more control over their Manjaro installation, the Manjaro Architect Edition is an excellent choice. It offers a command-line installation process, allowing users to customize every aspect of their Arch-based system. While this edition is geared towards more experienced users, it provides unparalleled flexibility and the opportunity to create a tailored system from the ground up.

BlackArch Linux

If cybersecurity and ethical hacking are your interests, BlackArch Linux is the perfect Arch-based distribution for you. It is a penetration testing-focused distribution that comes with a massive collection of tools and packages for security testing and analysis. While not suitable for general-purpose computing, BlackArch Linux excels in the realm of penetration testing and security assessments.

Chakra Linux

Chakra Linux is an Arch-based distribution with a strong focus on providing a stable and user-friendly KDE Plasma desktop environment. It strives to offer a polished, cohesive, and fully-integrated KDE experience. Chakra Linux keeps the rolling release nature of Arch while ensuring that updates are thoroughly tested to maintain system stability.


For developers and power users who want a truly minimalist and highly customized Arch Linux experience, ArcolinuxD-Basic is an excellent choice. It is a lightweight distribution with only essential packages pre-installed, giving users the freedom to build their system from the ground up based on their specific requirements.


RebornOS aims to be user-friendly, reliable, and customizable. It features a unique installation process that allows users to choose from various desktop environments during setup. RebornOS also offers a curated selection of software and an easy-to-use package manager, making it suitable for users of all experience levels.

In 2023, Arch Linux continues to be a dominant force in the Linux world, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization options for enthusiasts and developers. The Arch Linux-based distributions mentioned above provide user-friendly interfaces, curated software selections, and various pre-configured environments, making them appealing to a wide range of users. Whether you’re a beginner seeking an easy transition to Arch or an experienced user looking to fine-tune your Linux experience, one of these best Arch Linux Distros is sure to meet your needs. Whichever you choose, you’ll be joining a vibrant community that values simplicity, performance, and the joy of building and customizing their Linux systems.


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