10 Best VS Code Extensions for Developers

“Supercharge Your Coding Experience: 10 Essential VS Code Extensions for Developers”



Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a popular and powerful code editor loved by developers across various programming languages. One of the reasons for its widespread adoption is the vast array of extensions available that enhance its functionality and cater to specific development needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the 10 best VS Code extensions that every developer should consider installing to supercharge their coding experience.


GitLens is a must-have extension for developers working with version control. It provides an immersive experience by seamlessly integrating Git functionalities within VS Code. With GitLens, you can easily explore Git blame annotations, view commit details, track code changes over time, and gain insights into your codebase’s history.


For JavaScript developers, ESLint is an essential extension that enforces code quality and consistency. It helps identify and fix common code errors, adheres to coding standards, and improves overall code readability. ESLint’s real-time linting capabilities within VS Code make it a valuable tool for maintaining high code standards.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

Powered by AI, Visual Studio IntelliCode assists developers in writing code faster and more accurately. It provides intelligent code suggestions based on your coding patterns, libraries used, and community practices. IntelliCode supports multiple programming languages and helps save time by reducing keystrokes and improving code efficiency.

Live Server

Web developers often require a quick and easy way to preview their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in a browser. Live Server extension serves this purpose by launching a local development server with live reloading capabilities. As you make changes to your code, the browser automatically refreshes, allowing you to see the updates in real-time.


Maintaining consistent code formatting can be a challenge, especially when working in a team. Prettier is a powerful extension that automatically formats your code based on predefined rules. It supports a wide range of programming languages and can be customized to fit your project’s specific formatting requirements.


Docker has revolutionized the way applications are developed and deployed. The Docker extension for VS Code provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing Docker containers, images, and Docker Compose files. It enables developers to build, run, and debug applications in containers without leaving their familiar coding environment.

Code Runner

Code Runner is a versatile extension that allows you to execute code snippets in over 40 programming languages, right within VS Code. It provides a convenient way to quickly test and debug code fragments, aiding in rapid prototyping, algorithm development, and troubleshooting.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

Dealing with nested code structures can often become challenging. Bracket Pair Colorizer is a handy extension that helps visually distinguish different levels of nested brackets, braces, and parentheses in your code. It enhances code readability and reduces errors by providing clear visual cues.

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REST Client

When working on APIs or consuming web services, the REST Client extension simplifies the process of making HTTP requests directly from within VS Code. It allows you to write and send requests, view responses, and even save and share request collections. This extension significantly streamlines API testing and integration tasks.

Remote – SSH

Working on remote servers or virtual machines is a common scenario for many developers. Remote – SSH extension allows you to connect to remote machines via SSH directly from VS Code. Once connected, you can edit, debug, and run code remotely, making it an indispensable tool for remote development and troubleshooting.


Visual Studio Code is already a powerful code editor, but with the right extensions, it becomes an invaluable tool for developers. The 10 extensions mentioned in this blog post cover a wide range of needs, from version control and code formatting to debugging and remote development. By leveraging these extensions, developers can enhance their productivity, improve code quality, and streamline their workflow.


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