Complete Guide to Switch Theme Injector: Creating and Installing Custom Themes

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Introduction: The Switch Theme Injector project offers a comprehensive toolset for creating and installing custom themes on the Nintendo Switch console. Consisting of three main components – Switch Theme Injector (Windows app), NXThemes installer (Switch homebrew app), and Switch Theme Injector Online (WebInjector) – this project aims to provide users with the ability to personalize the appearance of their Switch’s home screen and other interface elements. In this article, we will explore the functionalities of each component, guidelines for getting started, and the process of installing and creating custom themes.

Switch Theme Injector Components:

  1. Switch Theme Injector (Windows app):

    • This Windows application serves as a powerful tool for creating and editing custom themes.
    • Users can leverage its features to design personalized themes for various elements of the Switch’s interface.
  2. NXThemes installer (Switch homebrew app):

    • The NXThemes installer is a homebrew app that runs directly on the Nintendo Switch.
    • It enables users to install and manage custom themes on their Switch consoles.
  3. Switch Theme Injector Online (WebInjector):

    • Switch Theme Injector Online, also known as WebInjector, is a web-based version of the Windows app.
    • While it lacks some features like custom applet icons and common.szs layouts support, it offers the convenience of being accessible through a web browser.

Getting Started: To utilize custom themes, you will need a hacked Nintendo Switch console with at least firmware 5.0 installed.

Installing Themes: The most common scenario for using custom themes involves the following steps:

  1. Create a folder named “themes” at the root of your SD card.
  2. Copy your themes in either NXTheme or SZS format into the “themes” folder.
  3. Launch the theme installer homebrew app on your Switch.
  4. Select and install the desired themes from the available options.
  5. Reboot your Switch, and the newly installed theme will be applied.

Note: Each theme file corresponds to a specific home menu part (e.g., lock screen, main menu). A complete home menu theme comprises multiple NXTheme files.

Removing a theme is as simple as selecting the “uninstall” option in the theme installer. To replace a currently installed theme, just install a different one.

Creating Themes:

To create custom themes, you can use either the Theme Injector application (Windows) or the web-based version.

Format Differences:

In the past, themes were distributed as SZS files. However, due to copyrighted data concerns, the use of SZS files is no longer supported. It is recommended to use the NXTheme format exclusively.

Creating an NXTheme:

  1. Open the Theme Injector app and navigate to the NXThemes builder tab.
  2. Select a 720p JPG image (1280×720 pixels) to serve as the background.
  3. Choose a custom layout that defines the appearance of the theme.
  4. Click on “build nxtheme” to generate the NXTheme file.

When making themes, it is advisable to use JPG images or DXT1-encoded DDS images. Manual encoding of the image to DDS format allows for a preview of the compressed result and ensures better image quality.

Linux Support: While the GUI version of Switch Theme Injector operates only on Windows, Linux users can utilize the command-line interface (CLI) with the help of the mono-complete package. Launching the app through mono with the “SwitchThemes.exe help” command provides command-line usage instructions and options.

Remote Install: To remotely install themes on your Switch, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the theme installer on your Switch.
  2. Select “remote install.”
  3. Run the following command on your computer’s command prompt: “SwitchThemes.exe install 192.

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